Other Areas You May Find Rats in Your Home

While found most commonly in the attic, due to their size and agility, rats might be living in different areas of your home as well. The next most frequent place to find them would be inside of the walls, most commonly they gain access to the walls from cracks that they find in the attic. If you are dealing with Norway rats coming in from sewer lines, they could have potentially gained access through plumbing breaks in the walls.

You can also find them in any place where they would have an easy access to food, while also not being disturbed. Places such as garages, pantries, and laundry rooms can also be popular hang out spots for them- depending on the usage of the area. Since rodents are curious by nature as well, they will investigate just about any place that they are able to get into.

Rat Control

Kitchen appliances, such as refrigerators and dishwashers, also provide them with excellent hiding spots when they are venturing into the kitchen. Occasionally, the hole that the wires are fed through is too large, giving rats plenty of room to squeeze through it. This is rodent heaven, they are able to easily dart out for food and then return to their comfy hidey-hole to eat their goodies.

Worse yet, if a rodent infestation grows out of control, they could even make their way to your living space. Once they have reached the common living space, they are no longer afraid and have constant success to food, making the problem almost impossible to eradicate easily. You may see them scurrying under sofas or across window ledges, constantly looking for more food and more nesting grounds. After a rodent gets access to your house, they have an unlimited food source, which makes trapping them harder, as they are less likely to acknowledge peanut butter on a trap when they could have lunch meat from your kitchen.