Types of Rats You can Find in Your Attic

With over 60 unique kinds of rats all around the world, you’re probably wondering "what type of rat am I dealing with here?" Well, luckily, there are only two kinds of rats that you can commonly find in the United States: The Roof Rat and the Norway Rat. While, not lucky that you have to deal with them, at least you aren’t have to worry about the 30 inch rat that has been found in the rainforests of Papua New Guinea.

The Roof Rat can commonly be found in the more warm climates, as these rats typically live outside. They normally grow to be around 13-18 inches, that is with their tail included (still too big for my likin though). When not in your attic, these rodents will often nest in heaps of timber and other debris, which means that if you have a pile of debris in your backyard, they may already be on your property. The most common reason for rats to find their way into your attic is to nest and grow their colony, but they will also seek out your attic to shield from harsh weather and their natural predators. As rats are relatively small creatures, they have a large number of predators that use them as a food source. Most commonly known predators are animals such as hawks and other predatory birds, snakes, and common household pets. Cats particularly, will hunt down rodents and kill them, and if you’re lucky, fluffy may even bring you the carcass as a gift.

Rat Control

The Norway Rat is the other most common rat in the United States, however they are more frequently found in large cities. These rodents would be the sewer rats you frequently hear horror stories about. No, that's not a rumor, yes, these guys do tend to dwell in the sewage systems. The name Norway Rat is deceiving, as these guys aren’t actually FROM Norway, they are originally from Asia, but arrived in England on Norwegian ships. While you may be thinking “great this is the rat that carries the plague”, you should be thanking these rats! It has recently been hypothesized that the Norway rats came into Europe and pushed the plague-carrying Black Rats out. Thus ending the plague.

Regardless of what TYPE of rat you have, they can cause major destruction in your home. So it is important to learn what type of rat you are dealing with so that you can eradicate the issue as quickly as possible.