How do Rats get Into Your Home?

You may find yourself asking “why is this happening to me?”. However, you should be asking yourself “how did they get in here in the first place?”. By focusing on the HOW you can find the access point they are using to gain entry. Rats are agile creatures and are able to fit into several unique locations that you may not even notice. This can make identifying their main entry point, as well as any potential entry points, very difficult. Rats merely need a hole the size of a quarter in order to fit through it. Even if a hole isn't quite as big as they need it to be, they have the ability to gnaw on the opening until it opens up enough to allow them to squeeze through. Once inside your home, they can chew through drywall and other materials in order to gain access to the rooms that they want to get into.

Rat Control

Rats are also able to find their way into your home through plumbing pipes. Older residential pipes were made from soft lead, and most of them have not been updated from that material. Rats have the capability to chew through the soft lead of these pipes and gain access into the home from the sewers. This can be one of the worst ways for them to gain access, since not only do you have rats, but you also have holes in your plumbing as well. You’ll have to hire a plumber to repair the pipes, since as long as they are open you will have rodents using it as an easy access in and out of your home.

While unlikely, you may catch a break and be able to see a rat running into your home, so you are able to find their entry point relatively fast. If you have branches that hang low onto your roof, you will want to cut them back as these make it easier for rats to gain access to your roof and potentially your home. Many animals apart from rats can actually use branches to obtain access to your roof also, therefore it's a fantastic precautionary action to take, regardless.