Best Bait to Catch Rats

Since rats are omnivores, they will eat pretty much anything, and you’ve probably noticed that they aren’t picky when they’re in your kitchen. While it’s true that rats will eat anything that they can get their paws on, there are some baits that may prove to be more effective when trying to catch rats.

Peanut butter is a commonly used bait, since rats aren’t able to chew through the jar that peanut butter comes in. It can often be a new and exciting treat to lure them into the trap. They are also particularly fond of meats, something with a strong smell, such as a Slim Jim or bacon will also entice them.

Rat Control

If there is a particular food that you’ve noticed they like to go after in your kitchen, you may want to try to use that as well. They may be excited to catch a whiff of their favorite treat, throwing off their caution and luring them into the trap.

You may not gain instant results, the trapping process can often last for a couple of weeks so it is important to not get frustrated. If you notice a particular bait isn’t working, you may want to change it after giving it some time. About a week would be a good waiting period, if you change the bait out too much the rodents may become more cautious. They need some time to get comfortable with the food sitting there.